Tuesday, August 11, 2009

ways to express my hatred.

Just watched The Boy In the Striped Pyjamas and wanted to bawl my eyes out. How can people do that? Why? I want to cry, scream, freak out....In my immature states, I have a hate list. My mature self tries to not hate. But my immature self mostly tells my mature self to shut the hell up and let me hate these awful people. (Don't worry I'm not psycho)-sigh- I do understand that whole Britney Spears song now. Blehh
Okay, the top of my immature hate list has GOT to be Adolf Hitler. Who could do that to all those people?! ALL? Who could be so insane, so psychotic enough to kill based on prejudice and racism? I thought I'd write out some things I would say to Hitler if I ever got the chance. The movie (as all Holocaust movies do...) made me so upset.

immature self: You asshole with the wannabe Charlie Chaplin mustache, I hope you rot hell you stupid son of a bitch and learn true pain for all the shit you pulled! You effed up little man! Good kill yourself! Maybe you should try being burned alive or hanging out in the gas chambers! (I'm slightlyyy ghetto when in this person. Comes from my neighborhood I suppose...)

smart immature self: You self righteous, insane little psycho! I hope you join Brutus and Judas in the ninth circle of Hell. Where do you get off killing millions of people based on lies and delusions? Hm? Mein Kempf, my ass.
mature self: I feel pity for a man who was so psychotically tortured from childhood on that he had to take his anger out through prejudice. And I am sorry he never really learned from the error of his ways. We must hope that no one else in the world will feel as terribly as him and, as a result, not suffer in the afterlife as he most surely will.

Yes, yes, the mature self does sound a lot better, but the immature one would just feel so good to say...
Short story ending: Yes, immaturity is appealing, but in the end maturity will get one farther and sound less...well psycho...
Thoughts? On Hitler? On the Holocaust? On immaturity vs maturity? What would you say given the chance to meet Hitler.


  1. I have also seen this movie, I was deeply disturb and heart broken.
    My thoughs on hitler. Oh isn't it ironic that he had jewish background. he wanted to make his country great again and bring the wealth back, he wanted to seperate the races.. But thats when his slight common sense stopped. (Seperating the races would be HORRID, but from a point of view their would be no race wars or rasicm)
    This whole topic is one that can cause such power and passion in one, and I have hundreds of views on it.. WONDERFUL post!

  2. I'm not sure i would talk. I think i would look at him with a mix of hatred and disgust and eventually, after a tiring, logorating, insinuating silence, i would spit on him and walk away, because that's lessening, humiliating.
    What he deserves, before being tortured. I'm not even sure there's a place for him in Dante's Hell. though as you said i like the idea of him with brutus and jude. But maybe, it's not enough.

  3. On a related note, the Holocaust deniers REALLY upset me. How can anyone deny it? Where did the 5 million Jews and 1 million others (gyspies, handicapped, homosexuals etc) go to?

  4. Will have to see this one...


  5. Yikes, those guys are bad men and that movie sounds really sad. On a lighter note, I tagged you on a sexy tag if you want to play!

  6. I haven't seen the film, I have a feeling I'd be too upset by it. I've heard it is well made etc though.

  7. I'd fucking beat the crap out of him and then watch him die a slow death. Sorry, I get slightly crazy when like yourself, I watch holocaust movies or anything of that ilk.

  8. Haven't seen the movie...sounds like a moving story! There's still evil in this world unfortunately!

  9. I really really need to see this!
    Thank you for following my blog :) I'm now following you! www.dazedyoungmess.blogspot.com

  10. Awh, I love your blog!
    I haven't seen this movie;
    but I think I really have to, now.

  11. Although I have not seen this particular film, I have seen many others involving the Holocaust. After watching them I also had the same reaction as you. I loathed him, freaking detested him with all my being. Sure, I never knew the man, I never met him or fully understand his trials and tribulations, but just the fact that he made those innocent people suffer in such a horrid way, destroyed any sympathy I could have ever had towards him. I honestly think that if I ever met him I would spit on him. SPIT! So immature, I know but he was one hell of an ass.