Thursday, June 25, 2009

5, just 5...

I've boiled it down to five things a girl (or guy!) must have at all times to give off the classy put together look. Ala Audrey Hepburn.

1. Good Skin
Clear, acne free skin is obvious. No one looks good with bumps and redness all over their face. Obviously, we can't always help that, but there's a trillion acne kits out there (cheap and expensive), so a little effort=smooth, pretty skin. I'm a personal fan of Clean & Clear Products. I've been using the Deep Cleaning Astringent for some stubborn pimples/blackheads that won't go away, and it's been a week and they're already nearly gone.
Also, don't forget sunscreen! Later wrinkles are nott pretty

2. Neat Hair
As cool as the messy, bed head style looks, in reality it's kind of hard to pull off the whole day. Especially if you weren't born with Gisele-like waves. As long as you keep a good trim and keep it washed, neat hair is fairly easy to maintain.

3. Put Together Outfits
T-shirts, sweats, hoodies--none of these look neat at all. Of course, owning them and wearing them is just fine (I'm a complete victim of it all the time), but if you really want to put off that classy look, they don't cut it. If you still want comfort, yoga pants are smooth and not at all bulky, fitted shirts, etc... Personally, I think dresses are wayy more comfortable than anything in the world!

4. A Ready Smile

Really, does this need a whole lot of explanation? No one likes to be around a sour puss. Obviously, don't be a total fake about it. And don't be annoyingly cheerful to the point where everyone wants to smack you. A simple, kind smile that allows you look friendly and comforting.
Also, take care of your teeth. Brushing, flossing, etc always makes them look nicer. Plus, crooked, spaced teeth always add a kind of charm, so be proud of them!

5. Clean NailsIt sounds silly, but really how gross is it to see someone with overlong, hoochie nails or nails with unknown substances lodge under them or raggedy, bitten down nails? Chipping polish definitely gives of a slight disheleved look. Keeping nail colors fairly light so that chipping doesn't really show is a good idea, or, to keep it simple, a simple nail trim, wash, and file goes a looong way.

With these five things, everyone can look lovely =) Just remember, that an ugly personality (vulgar vocabulary, mean spirited, selfishness, cockiness) will shine through despite all this. Audrey Hepburn's charm didn't just come from her unique beauty, but from her unbelievable kindness and sweetness.


  1. Love this...great reminders. And the best part is reminding us that no matter how we look-our personality will tell the truth!

    Ok, the Shred is work-out DVD, Jillian Michaels from the biggest loser does it. And it's only 20 minutes but OMG its crazy!!! xo

  2. I think I maintained pretty much all of the things on your list except for my nails. I tend to get lazy and not cut them until they're um...a little dirty. xxoxoxo

  3. I hate it when people have really long nails. It's so ick!

  4. I maintain these things on and off...hehe

  5. Oh what a perfect list! I couldn't agree more!
    The only one i cant maintain is the nails! I bite them when I am stressed and some other emotions. And when am I not feeling stressed or the likes!! But I am trying my hardest to stop!


  6. i agree! great blog!

  7. Dirty ragged nails are a total pet peeve of mine. And Audrey is was definitely a beauty inside and out and one to emulate!

  8. I hope I have the top 4 but sorry about the last one...
    I bite my nails so basly lol but I am trying to stop and they are way better you will be happy to hear ;)
    Love your blog btw!
    Beth xx