Friday, June 19, 2009

when to not feel bad...

I remember reading these lists in Glamour and they always made me laugh, so I thought I'd make up one for here =)

You should never feel bad when...

1. You get called last minute to work for a guy so he can hang out with his girlfriend and then denying him because a. you're single and b. you've had a hella long week.
2. A girl complains about being cold in the pool because "she has no body fat!"
3. Finishing the split desert. Especially when the other person says go ahead.
4. Asking to eat the breadstick or extra twizzler someone has with their lunch, because 99% of the time that Twizzler is going into the trash.
5. NOT going to a girl's graduation party when a. She calls you NEIGHBOR in the yearbook during the time you were apparently best friends, b. she neglected to buy you a birthday present when you both agreed on one, and c. she hasn't said more than two words at a time to you SINCE fall when you realized her bitchiness.


  1. Haha this is hilarious. The body fat one made me laugh too.

  2. LOL funny! I don't get why you wouldnt finish a dessert anyways! I mean you paid for it, it taste good, and it'll be in the trash if you don't eat it, so just eat it!

  3. LOL....I really like reading those lists. They're so much fun and true! xxoxoxo

  4. Haha Lolz great list darling. I adore the pool body fat one. ahahaha! It is all so true!


  5. hehhe love these, they put a smile on my face!
    m,uah x

  6. this list has definitely given me a good laugh. nicely done :)