Sunday, May 17, 2009

that "glowy" skin...

Everyone wants that super healthy, radiant skin that seems to turn heads. You may have seen it on every Victoria Secret's angel or celebs when walking the red carpet, or that particularly genetically blessed girl walking on the beach (or school hallway) the other day.
Well, I've picked up some tips to achieve said skin...

Overall Maintenance...
1. Drink lots of liquids (aka WATER) I think I've given this tip before, but it's key to getting the skin you want. If you're dehydrated, it's going to show.
2. Get SLEEP! There's a reason everyone looks haggard the night after a party.
3. Wear sunscreen. I'm a total culprit of forgetting to wear sunscreen, as I don't burn. Like, at all. But I know how bad it is, so I've been trying to wear it when I'm lifeguardng or out in the sun. I've been using the spray on stuff as it keeps me fairly cool and not as sweaty.
4. Exercise. Even if it's walking around for half an hour or something. Exercising is key to keeping the blood flowing and thus having glowy skin.

Quick Steps:
1. Before a shower, use an exfoliate (brown sugar with milk is good!) and rub it all over your skin. Leave in for about a minute before rinsing off.
2. In the shower, shave any hairy areas (aka legs and armpits) and use a soft skin body wash. (I've been using Greek Olive Oil Soap...) Don't use any brushes, but only a wash cloth or a puffy thing (I forget what they're called...)
3. Outside of the shower, pat skin dry, don't rub it.
4. Immediately apply lotion with radiance in the label. I use Aveeno Radiance Lotion. If you want, you can use a gradual tanner as well. Anything with a bit of sparkle in it.
5. Put on your clothes, and you're ready to go. =) (Skin wise anyway...)


  1. Thanks so much, those are great tips.


  2. Nice tips! Especially putting that lotion on first thing out of the shower -- that works like a charm.

    Oh, and Benefit makes this nice body balm called Bathina that has a nice, dewy sheen. I love it! :)

  3. perfect tips.... i love how my skin glow after a good hour of exercise.

  4. you have some serious good tips there.. ohh.. I think i need no.2 the best.. I am a late sleeper... lol