Thursday, May 14, 2009

after a looonnggg day

We all have these days. If you don't have at least one of these days in your life, you are simply to inhuman. The day starts out bad and just gets worse. My day today? Started out waking up and realizing I feel asleep dreaming of how pathetic my lack-there-of love life is. Then I tripped out of the car, losing my flats, and stepping on the rainy concrete. At school. Then it got worse when I learned that this annoying girl Mel was running against me for National Honor Society president...when she was just inducted two weeks ago. Yes. It's called fml. And then this awful guy who facebooked me to tell me how beneath him I was and this girl who makes fun of me from my "dry hair" to "annoying smile" to "her know-it-allness" standing in the hallway together and turned to me said, "Hi!" and snickered. Get a life assholes. =(
Badd morning, but once I got home and went to practice, I took a deep breath and realized that a) my crappy little public school is not worth it. And I will be out of there in a year. b) at least I love what's going on outside of school. and c) heck everyone in there can screw themselves, who really cares?
SO...moral of the story. At the end of one of these days, kick up your feet, put on your favorite tv show, and eat something you love. (Me? I put on It Started With a Kiss and ate grilled ham and cheese with dill pickles.) Tomorrow is another day and there has to be something beautiful in your life, whether it be the little kids who make you smile at the lessons you teach, finally perfecting the scrambled egg technique, seeing your silly cat do something funny, or passing by a house and seeing the prettiest flower ever. The future is never bleak unless you let it. So smile and take a step towards a definitely better tomorrow.


  1. Bad days are the worst! Hooray for smiling and feeling better. :)

  2. i agree! when you have a bad day just shake it off and do something you love!
    big hugs!

  3. I LOVE ARIEL!! I can spend days watching ISWAK!