Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ohh life...

Okay, so sometimes we all need a little wallowing. Even the most optimistic of us cannot be happy and cheerful ALL the time. I need to vent a bit/unload my high school misery.
1) I have wanted to be president of this club since sophomore year when I was inducted into it. So I group up with three other girls, M, A, & C to form a cabinet or whatever its called. Well, Tuesday, C comes up to me and says, "I want to President, not Treasurer. Do you mind?" Of course, C is well aware that if I tried to fight her on it, M & A would back her up, and thus over half the voters. Hence, basically I'm screwed out my sophomore dream.
2) This kid who've I've been having facebook "disagreements" (aka I accidentally insulted him and now he's facebook e-mailing me in the most pretentious way. PS, we're not even facebook FRIENDS) with decided to inform me of his oh-so-great future and my insignificance. Which actually doesn't bother me all that much, but it just kind of adds into the irritation.
3) The guy I've had a minor thing for the past year, has fallen for my friend, who is beautiful and I love, but still! It's just an added bummer to my list of failed crushes.
4) My prom date just got a girlfriend. The whole reason I didn't ask anyone was because I didn't want to go with anyone's boyfriend. And of course my date (and this date term is used fairly loosely, as we haven't talked since our italy trip. everything has been via facebook) got a girlfriend two days before prom. Oh, irony.
5) My nose is stuffed up like a turkey at Thanksgiving.

Okay, self-pity over. Now it's time to look at the good things in life! (My English teacher wrote a very nice evalutation of me, which I wasn't expecting; I don't have to take the SATs again, and PROM is around the corner despite my date annoyances!)

Just remember. Life is good. Smile. =)
Anyone else need to vent?


  1. you are entitle to have a few bad days. hope you feel better.

  2. Wow those are some major topics to vent about. Sorry. That is why I have my blog, to vent. I don't always vent but knowing I have a place to do, helps a lot. All my followers are always so supportive and make me feel better with their comments. So if you have to vent, go right ahead. That is what we are here for. :D

  3. Aww cheer up =) and I love the picture hehe

  4. Ah Audrey, she is so so so pretty.

  5. Ohh Audrey Looks Stunning (but then when does she not)

    I know what you mean by life being sucky!! But atleast we can all be miserable together!! LOlz.

    "Everything will be alright in the end, If it isn't alright, then it isn't the end!"
    That quote always helps me!


    P.S. Your blog is awesome!

  6. I'm glad I can help you improve your Spanish!


  7. oh dont worry.

    i didnt have a date for my prom but went with a bunch of girlfriends we actually ended having so much fum we made a a three day sleep over at one of the girl's house, getting our selves ready, doing each others hair, manicures and shopping for last minute accesories and danced and laughed the night away at prom and had a long sleep-in the next day and spent the next day going through the pics. haha

    so dont wawwy go with your mates and u'll be garanteed to have a blast:)

    by the way thanks for visiting my blog x

  8. i love Audrey, she was so cute and kooky. Lovely blog! x