Sunday, May 3, 2009

hair, hair, hair

I've gathered some great hair tips just in time for the summer when we all want Gisele-esque waves. Personally, I want my hair to be as smooth and silky as the actresses in Memoirs of a Geisha and Asian dramas in general. It's gotten pretty dry since swimming ended.
Here are my top five hair DIYs. Eventually I will try them all.
1. Mayonnaise
It is probably the grossest thing ever, but it's not too bad. My hair felt lighter after. Just take mayo from the fridge, massage it through dry hair, wrap in saran wrap or a shower cap, and after 20-60 minutes rinse out and wash like normal. I tried this, and my ends are suppper nice again, but my scalp is greasy. So, for oily scalps, just do the ends.

2. Olive Oil
In the shower, hair wet, before anything you do, pour olive oil into your hair. Massage it in like shampoo, then rinse as best you can. Then just shampoo/condition like normal. I got a lot of compliments on my hair after.

3. Hair Sunscreen
In a spray bottle: 1 C water, 1 T sunscreen, 1 T conditioner. Shake and spray into hair before going to the beach or anywhere. I haven't tried this yet, but I definitely am going to.

4. Cornstarch
For the greasy scalp. Just use your brush to brush it through the scalp, let it sit to soak up the grease, and then shake it out I suppose. I'm still unsure of this one, as I haven't tried it yet. But I'll let you know once I have the details.

5. Lemon Juice & Water
I liked using this, but my hairdresser said lemon juice dries out the hair... I don't know. I keep seeing the advice all over, and it definitely made my hair shinier. -Shrugs- I don't see the harm in trying it though.

Let me know how your results go!


  1. hehe mayonaisse! :-D great post lovely!


  2. ooh i love home remedies. i think i did the olive oil one once, except i covered my head in glad wrap and let it sit while i took a bath?
    really liking your blog too, it has such a nice style!