Friday, May 1, 2009


I read an article today for English class that positively infuriated me. Of course, one girl voiced her opinion of how much she loved it & the writer, no one really said anything. I said something, and the same people mutter things like,"There she goes again..." or "Wow, way to freak out." I wasn't freaking out. Trust me people, if I was freaking out, it be a whole other picture. Even my friend, A, told me she thought I handled myself a lot better than I have before when I've gotten angry. And coming from A, that means a lot. She said she agreed with me.
Point of the story is this: Even if people call you crazy or disagree with you or laugh at you, stand up for what you think. Voice your opinion. There so many of us out there who have smart, logical ideas that go unheard. Even if you have opponents, speak up. In class, even at the risk of sounding stupid, speak up about your ideas. Be fearless. America (heck the world) is not going to saved by the quiet, shy people. It needs you to find the strength in yourself to speak up when things are wrong and voice the opinions you have.
(PS the picture is from one of my favorite shows, Eli Stone. He fights court battles everyone else thinks are crazy)
PPS: here's the article. If you like it, that's fine, let me know. I disagree with you, but unless you say something completely idiotic like "Yeah! This guy rocks, marry me!" I'm not going to disrespect your opinion. (Btw Obama had pay off his Ivy League loans)

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