Thursday, April 30, 2009

"love me, for me, 'cause I am beautiful"

Okay, so I make a playlist for everything on my Ipod--love songs, break up songs, rock out songs, fashiony songs, everything. A couple months ago when all I wanted to do was jump off a cliff, I put together a playlist called "Gold Mix" for those days or moments when you feel like you're completely worthless. It always helps to make my day that much better.
Change-Taylor Swift
Stronger Woman-Jewel
Breakthrough-Hope 7
Don't You Know You're Beautiful-Kellie Pickler
This One's For the Girls-Martina McBride
One Girl Revolution-SuperChick
The Middle- Jimmy Eats World
Hanging On-Cheyenne Kimball
Grow-April Start

And possibly my favorite song ever since sixth grade. It's a shame Jessica Simpson never made this into a video, I'm sure her whole image would be different. (PS this is a Sims video I found of it on Youtube.) Although unlike the video, it's not about a guy, it's about her life in general at the time. (I think mostly against her recording studio?)

You guys have any songs that make you feel instantly better? I have a firm belief that music can cure all.

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  1. An absolute classic: what a wonderful world by Louis Armstrong!