Friday, May 8, 2009

"standardized tests are for standardized minds"

I love this quote, repeatedly said my by friend Nick. And trust me he's a scientific genius/could've been a main character in Revenge of the Nerds (in the best way possible). He'll behind the scenes of NASA or wherever he wants to go some day. So, it isn't as if he's some pothead idiot whose going around muttering this quote; he's pretty legit.
With AP exams coming up, and SATs, ACTs, and finals (whatever your forced poison is), I have come to this conclusion: it's all pretty much a scam to get as much money from us as possible. (Really $80 for a horrible four hour test-on-steroids?!) Finals probably not so much, but the former three, definitely.
Our intelligence cannot be measured by a standarized test. So, as the test anxiety starts to creep up, just stop whatever you're studying and take a step back. You probably already know this stuff. There is no need to bite your nails down to nothing. This test does not determine who you are, and in ten years you'll look back and laugh.
My advice? Take a nice, hot bath (or shower) and do not think about studying for at least an hour. Indulge in something whether it be a Starbucks frappuchino or a gooey chocolate chip brownie.Watch something mind numbing (Gossip Girl anyone?!) and then return to studying with a calm mind.
Good luck!


  1. This is a lovely sentiment! I remember the stress and tears of my exams at high school and university. And now that I'm past all that, I realise that - yes - perspective is everything!

  2. i hate standardized tests - never did well on them! ick!!