Thursday, August 6, 2009

the bardot bump

Okay, so we all know Brigitte Bardot is probably the textbook definition of sexy. I mean the woman is a) French (doesn't it run in their blood?!) b) genius at the innocent face c) a lover of animals and d) well.... I mean just look at her!We all can't be like Brigitte Bardot (and with some of her shattered past and possible"racism" I don't think I'd exactly like to be her either) and about 1% of the worlds population has the tiny waist-big boobs combo. Or the pouty face. Or the French "je noi se quoi" (how badly did I spell that?), but there is one thing we can all do....
The Bardot Bump
It's really quite simple. I'm off to try it once I'm done this post:

1. Part hair (how ever you like).
2. At the crown start teasing. Take hairspray and brush your hair upwards and spray (took me forever to learn this! I'm challenged when it comes to some stuff)
3. Cover it loosely with hair from the front
4. Pin back slightly to hold, or (if you're skilled enough) leave nice and free.
If you have any questions (I know I wasn't super specific) just leave them here and let me know if you give it a try!

image sources: {bardot 1, runway, bardot 2)


  1. She is a pretty lady and I do my hair like that sometimes, it turns out very fun and playful!

  2. Oooo, looks good. I can't wait to try it. I love trying new hair styles.

  3. I need my hair to grow a little before I try that style, I love it though.

  4. yeah she is a pretty lady! I would love to try out that style but I so suck at doing hair lol

    Yeah it's great that all the girls sing in Paradiso girls! Frankly I'm tired of Nicole from PCD doing everything and hearing her voice, she's getting stale for me haha!

  5. Awesome. I've always wanted to know how to do that without the bumpit. Ahha

  6. Had you posted this before I had gotten my haircut! I would've done it! Too late now, but at least I have something to look forward to :D

  7. mmh, gotta try this! you know, you probably saved me from the dilemma of the Saturday Night Hairdo :D

  8. She is just simply BEAUTIFUL.
    She is an icon.
    I love this hair style! So alluring and sophisticated yet laid back. If one hairstyle can embody all of this, it has to be fabulous!


  9. She is so gorgeous! Heh, it's je ne sais quoi. Close enough :)

  10. it's a fabulous hair style, her style is amazing

  11. She is beyond gorgeous. I love how you have the little tutorial on her hair style. Thank you!