Tuesday, November 17, 2009

douchebags, school, and all around teenaged wasteland

Hey guys after nearly two months of nada, I'm back! Kind of. I can't say now how regularly I'll be posting here. And in all truth I was pretty happy on a bubble cloud of chlorine, sweat, and routine. Buttt I got an infection on my cheek last week and I've had a lot of time on my hands. And break is coming up next week. And now that my bubble cloud burst without its chlorine and routine, I'm getting pretty moody and pissed off. And I need to vent. So be prepared. Because beauty comes with venting, as it shows humanity and reality.To begin with, the weather sucks. And I know I'm an idiot because I want to go to North Eastern US colleges where cold is in the description, but I really hate it right now. I hate being cold and I hate that when three o'clock rolls around it looks like it's ready to be night time soon. Maybe I could deal with the cold weather if it was sunny out longer. Maybe.
And douchebags at school are really really really getting on my last nerves. Remember this guy? Yeah total number one jerk right now. It sucks because he's incredibly intelligent and not a total weirdo. Like you just know he's going to be successful in life. The only things I have over him (which I feel would be incredibly mean to tease him about) is his horrid body odor, which no one tells him about, and his vertically challenged stature. Like he's Frodo. I'm not kidding. He yells at me for stupidity and tells me I'm dumb, etc, etc. And of course people only listen when I say something stupid. I'm never heard when I'm intelligent. Makes me want to stand up and walk out.And last, but not least, I hate school. I want to be done and out of there now. I hate the people, I hate the suffocating curriculum, I hate... well mostly the people. Ughhh

If you read this, thank you for reading my long rant! Hopefully the sun will shine again soon!


  1. Awww honey! I've missed you! I'm sorry about the dbag...ughhh unfortch we never seem to get rid of them ha. I hope you feel better and so glad a break is coming!

  2. Welcome back... don't worry, things will fall into place and you'll be able to look back and laugh at all these things.

  3. Don't worry everything will work out great!! keep smiling!


  4. the sun will shine soon and things will be ok , i hope :)

  5. You have a great blog! Like the sidebar images.

  6. Welcome back, darling!
    Love that last pic!


  7. i love these photos - great blog, so glad i stumbled across it
    don't worry - everything will be okay sooner than you think =]


  8. i hope thing look better soon! think of the cold weaher as a good time to cozy up with lovely knitted things and hot cocoa. Your frodo comment totally cracked me up.

  9. welcome back darling,all always falls into place,
    gorge images

  10. Without trying to be cliché: The sun will come out tomorrow.

    One day, you will look back and laugh.

  11. I can 100% relate to this post. My gosh school is a grotesque thing.. I adore this post because of its honesty

    P.S. the rainbow will appear soon