Thursday, October 1, 2009

weight a minute

Ha like that title? I thought it was pretty clever and cheesy myself.
{gorgeous much??!! yay glamour!}
I don't know yet if this will be a longer post, but I have a feeling it will. Because, let's face it, weight is something every girl has an issue with. I mean, seriously, now matter how tiny, how big, how short, how tall a girl is, she's always got insecurities, especially in a world where the idea of one perfect beauty is always changing, evolving, regressing, and just turning chaotic.
For me? Right now, I wish I had more defined abs and waist. I wish my arms were bigger (yes bigger, because bigger arms=stronger butterfly=faster time.). I wish I was just slightly taller. I can't truthfully turn and say "Oh yeah, I love my figure." I can say that I'm much better than I was in middle school when every one I knew flirted with the idea of anorexia as something a bit glamorous, a bit dangerous, and a tiny bit rebellious. Middle school was three years of body loathing and attempts to be at peace with it.
{typically gorgeous yes, but they're having fun & they're healthy}
But, I'm not going to give you-all a long, sordid detailed story of my seven years of body issues. I am going to talk about the idea of beauty though, in terms of the body.
A beautiful person can be a size two. They can also be a size twenty. They can be short, tall, stocky, skinny, etc, etc. A beautiful person, though, understands how to be healthy and how to be happy. Those are the keys to beauty-health and happiness. A girl with a fun smile and who knows that a tiny bit of exercise and healthy food is important is a beautiful girl. She doesn't need to have a tiny waist or long legs or huge boobs. She just needs to know that she's taking care of her body and she's enjoying life.
{my beautiful friends from size 12-2, can you tell? i can't.}
So for future reference, let's do one of those fun fill out type deals.
{why weight? because the minute we can tell our true weight (no fibs!, we've already won half the battle}
I am____________
I weigh____
I love__________
I smiled today at______
I did this for myself________
I'm beautiful.

I am S. Elisabeth.
I weigh 142 pounds.
I love that I can survive swim practice.
I smiled today at my lab group's klutziness.
I did this for myself: took a much needed nap.
I'm beautiful.

PS: To magazines: I love that you're posting plus size beauties, I really do. But do you think to represent your women too you could add in the girls who aren't size twos or size fourteens, but somewhere in the middle? We're feeling a tad bit left out too!


  1. Great post!!! Its true, people not just girls) will never be happy with how they look. I want better abs as well as bigger 'assets'. I think if you're happy with yourself and begin to love yourself, then you'll be confident enough to show people how great you are!

  2. love it!!! love healthy looking woman! I am fair from perfect but my bf tells me that I am beautiful so I chose to believe him !:))

  3. Great post! I actually had an eating disorder for quite a few years, and still have to admit that I have insecurities about the way I look; but you have to accept things and just try to be confident.

    By the way, love the post title - very clever! :)

  4. I agree with everything you say...

  5. I am Carrie.
    I weigh 135.
    I love fashion.
    I smiled today at my cat.
    I did this for myself because of this fabulous post!
    I'm beautiful.

    Thanks, darling!


  6. ash, 140 lbs, i love making things happen, i smiled at this post, i worked out today.

    amazing post! YOU GO GIRL!

  7. I am Sara
    I weigh 120
    I love the sun
    I smiled today at my best friend
    I did this for myself: stayed in tonight!
    I'm beautiful.


  8. Oops forgot:

    I am Sara.
    I weigh 130.
    I love kiwis.
    I smiled today at my trainer at the gym - she's adorable.
    I did this for myself: cooked lunch.
    I'm beautiful.

  9. I am just a girl
    I weigh 115
    I love paintbrushes
    I smiled today at having a shift at work with my bff
    I did this for myself: Took myself out to buy shoes
    I am beautiful

    I used to be really self concious about my flat chest, but now I've really accepted it as part of who I am. And I think I'd prefer to be flat than have huge boobs.

  10. Weight will always be one of those tricky things that women have issues with. I agree with you about magazines, it's frustrating when they use both sides of the weight extremes but no one "normal" sized, whatever normal is haha xxo

  11. What a fabulous post! I've struggled with my "goal" weight, which isn't necessarily my healthy weight my whole life it seems.

  12. I really liked reading this. It's good that you're so self-aware.

  13. What great post, I really liked a reading it. Its so true that they leave the middle girls out, the weight spectrum for models are polar opposites!

    Now to answer your question thing-y

    I am Becca
    I weigh 126
    I love to sew
    I smiled today at reading this
    I did this for myself because I need to remind myself that my body isn't all of me. I have a mind and a personality too.
    I'm beautiful.

  14. great post! I have no idea how many pounds I am, I I just eat according to how my clothes fit :/ But I think the only part of me I actually love is my neck, because I love my neck piercing. And that's about it :/ I think media has given me a digusting perception of myself, and I should know better, I'm a media student! thank you for your comments on my blog :)

  15. Wow the title :D
    I am Kristiana
    I weigh 46kg (or in pounds that would be 101. thanks google xD)
    I love candy
    I smiled today at my reflection in the mirror
    I did this for myself because for the first time this week I look like I've had enough of sleep:)
    I'm beautiful.

  16. I am Toni-Yvonne
    I weigh 109lbs (49kg)
    I love the magic of life
    I smiled today at myself
    I did this for myself made fairy cupcakes
    I'm beautiful.

    I am back, it seems like forever since I was last blogging, beautiful post!

  17. I agree that magazine should also focus on normal girls instead of picking the extreme sizes. I've always found it ironic that even though the fashion media will focus on thinner models, every designer out there these days will make their clothes available for women ranging from size 0 to 12. It's just odd they're never actually modeled on the mid-sized woman.

  18. I am Gabbi
    I weigh 136
    I love life
    I smiled today at the thought of meeting someone new
    I did this for myself: ate a healthy lunch
    I'm beautiful.

    (Such a good exercise! Thank you!!)

  19. I am Te Maari
    I weigh 147
    I love listening to the rain hit the tin roof
    I smiled today while I looked at pictures of people in love
    I did this for myself: put a face mask on
    I'm beautiful

    this was a beautiful post xo

  20. Great post doll! Very inspiring. I love to swim, but the butterfly was by far my worst stroke :( ha its was like a fish flopping around in water, watching me attempt that stroke. boo. oh well.


  21. I responded to your question in the blog commentary.

    great post x

  22. Great post, I completely agree with you.