Sunday, July 12, 2009

healthy eating

I'm not necessarily the example of healthy eating. I'm definitely far more mindful of food than my other friends, but I still succumb to pizza, french fries, and other greasy delights (don't even get me started on my sweet tooth. I didn't have it when I was little, but now I'm more than making up for that!) but I still try and keep in my veggies and fruits (mangos are my newest discovery and they are so delicious) and drink water. I've found lately that I have to when training anyway because otherwise I get sick and drown!
Eating healthy is obviously difficult; if it was easy everyone would be fit and healthy and glowing. But it's so important, especially lately, that finding a way to make it work is the key. Probably the best way is to keep a food diary.

Personally, I fail miserably at food diaries. I get too caught up in the numbers and remembering and blah blah blah, that I just stop them or forget about them. I found this super cute way via Hi Fashion and I fell in love. I gave it a try today... (still a work in progress) and I found it super fun. It may not last, who knows, but for now I like it.
There are other ways: the diet companies (Zone, Jenny Craig), but they're always way too expensive for me, WeightWatchers (too young on my own and not fat enough apparently...), etc etc etc. I really think food diaries are possibly the best and cheapest way. You could get fancy (I used to have a blog where I took pics and posted them) or keep it simple (pen, paper, done) or be creative, either way it's supposed to help a ton. Carrie Underwood swears by it.

Good luck!


  1. I LOVE food.. People hate being around me when I am hungry because I am SUPER grumpy and crazy. I adore baking and cooking! yumm!
    I tried a food diary ahaha but then realized how terrible my eating plan is.. I eat lots of fruit and all.. but I deff eat way more treats.. hmm


  2. I slip into dangerous habits when I think too much about what I eat.

  3. i'm not a good example of healthy eating either, i suppose -.- Can't eat any vegetables since i was a little girl, so i try to replace them with loads of fruit. i'm a carbs lover and a binge eater... sometimes i suff myself some other times i just can't force myself to eat..Tried to go on diets to lose those few pounds i have been putting on because of school stress, but i'm hopeless, xD i just need to eat, when i'm/nervous/sad/angry.. mmmh i may try this food diary thing, who knows?

  4. Wow this is such a good idea!
    Good heads up, it looks fun and the photos are so cool.
    Beth xx