Tuesday, July 21, 2009

embarrassing moments...

Okay, I had one of those yesterday. Thank goodness I was the only one who realized how mortifying it was.I'm lifeguarding with my friend and all of a sudden I feel slightly uncomfortable and really gross. I go to the bathroom and oh! look what a surprise, every girl's monthly BFF has arrived. Well of course I was out of it and didn't realize it until too late because now it was on my shorts. Like I said.
So I go out and tell my friend what happened and then say, "I'm gonna go, see ya!" Except I didn't have a ride home (as I'm dragging my feet on the whole license thing). So I'm trying to call my neighbor when an old friend suddenly walks through the doors. Oh, yay! Except this old friend is a really hott guy old friend.
So we say hi, and he winds up giving me a ride home, all the while I'm sliding backwards like an idiot and shoving my huge purse (thank you for huge purses!) on top of my butt to hide the grossness.
Suffice to say I make it home, and either 1) I succeeded in my hiding attempts or 2) he was too polite/had too much experience with such matters to say anything. I jump into the shower and take a really hot, long shower to wash away the mortification and embarrassment. And now I have a funny tidbit to tell you guys =)
Moral of the story? We all have super gross, embarrassing moments, but we can prevent them from living on in secret ignominy. We can laugh about them and use them later for funny stories and not need to feel shame. Feel free to post your own embarrassing story here =)


  1. ahhhh! every girl's nightmare! :)

  2. noooo, double noooo because of the hot boy!
    the most embarassing moment of my ENTIRE life was when I was dancing on stage in front of a boy I'd had my eye on for ages, anyway my leg fell down a gap in the stage right up to the top of my thigh...I couldn't get out and the staff had to pour water ALL OVER ME to try and slip me out. oh blush blush blush

    nicola xx


  3. A couple of years ago I got out of the car in front of my office building and stepped on my skirt. The doormen and security guards were treated to a view of my pasty white arse. Lovely.

  4. Ohhh girl...that is like my worst nightmare! But you're so right, we ALL have those moments. I fall a lot when I think I'm being really cool and walking in 5 inch heels. :)

  5. oh poor you! That is ultra embarrassing, though it is normal. And yes that happens, I once had one, my jeans had a huge blood stain and no one told me about it. I discovered it when I got home after a looong day at school.


  6. aww atleast you got through it!! I seem to be the queen of humilation ahaha


  7. This happens to the best of us.... I promise :)
    Plus, it is always a hilarious story to share with your close girlfriends :)... definitely one of those moments you will never forget.

  8. Oops, every girl has a moment like this..Good that he didn't realize (probably he didn't..if he did he would say something like wtf?).

  9. Major Uh Oh. Several years ago, my arsenal of
    birth control pills fell on the bus floor,
    I attempted to slink towards the back when this
    little elementary school tot shouts out -
    Miss. you forgot your pills . Thanks kid.

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